Argan Oil: The Best Thing To Rescue Damaged Hair?

It's no secret that oils are good for hair. Coconut oil in particular is loved for being a hydrating multi-tasker and has become something of a beauty phenomenon in recent years.

However, let's not forget about the other natural product which is just as brilliant at targeting damaged tresses - argan oil.

Anyone who has used this rich oil from the Moroccan argan nut will know a few drops of this stuff can work wonders on split ends and dry scalps.

It's versatile too and can be applied as a leave-in conditioner for a truly nourishing treat or on blow-dried hair to tame the most frizzy of locks.

This oil is also worth investing in if you're a fan of the dip-dye or you're thinking of experimenting with this summer's technicolour highlights trend.

Fashion stylist Julia Andryeyeva Morris, who often bleaches her hair, spoke to Huffington Post Style about her love of naturally hydrating hair products.

"I use all the African oils, like argan," she said. "I buy other natural oils specially made for hair from - they really help bleached, dry hair."

Hair isn't the only thing argan oil can benefit either. Want to get shame-free feet before you show off your new sandals? Try massaging it into cracked heels or adding to your bath for the ultimate skin-softening experience.

There aren't many products that can give you both glossy hair and beautiful feet, but argain oil is one of them.

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