08/04/2015 11:33 BST | Updated 08/06/2015 06:12 BST

Primary Pupils Will Be Forced To Re-Sit SATS Until They Pass

David Cameron
We know the feeling!

Every 11-year-old who fails their maths or English tests in their last year of primary school will have to re-sit them until they pass, says David Cameron.

The new Tory manifesto promise is the latest in the party's drive to enforce a tougher regime in classrooms since the Coalition came to power in 2010.

At the moment, 100,000 pupils are still failing the final maths and English SATS test at the end of primary school.

Statistics reveal only 7 per cent of them go on to get five good GCSEs, compared to 72 per cent of their classmates who do make the grade.

Declaring the Conservatives as 'the union for parents', the PM said today: "We represent every hardworking mother and father who wants to see their child succeed in a great school.

"These past five years we have been about getting changes in place which stretch our children - and the results have been extraordinary.

"The next five will be about finishing the job. More discipline, more rigour, zero-tolerance of failure and mediocrity."

But during a visit today to Sacred Heart RC Primary School in Westhoughton, near Bolton, David Cameron failed to win over six-year-old Lucy Howarth, in our favourite photo op fail of the election campaign so far.

They read 'The Paper Bag Princess' by Robert Munsch, which appeared to leave Cameron confused over its plot about a princess who rescues an ungrateful prince from a dragon.

"Complicated stuff, this," he said.

Lucy Howarth is not the first child to be deeply unimpressed by a country's most powerful man.

Last September, a child was so overcome with boredom as his parents met Barack Obama in the Oval Office he face-planted on the sofa.

Mr Cameron added: "There is no job that doesn't require English and maths and this is about making sure every child gets the best start in life and that our country can compete in the world".

Labour attacked the plan as the wrong approach, insisting instead that improving the quality of teachers was a better solution.

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt said: "Labour has a better plan for education. We will ensure that every teacher is qualified or working towards qualified teacher status".

TEST YOUR KIDS (AND YOURSELF): Answer these SATS questions...

1) 555 + 656 = ?

2) 1,652 ÷28 = ?

3) 2,376 x 15 = ?

4) 120 – 15 x 5 = ?

5) 12 x 9 = ?

6) 12 x 8 = ?

7) 11 x 11 = ?

1) 1,211
2) 59
3) 35,640
4) 525
5) 108
6) 96
7) 121

What do you think about this plan?

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