Life Hacks: 9 Genius Uses For Toothpaste (Aside From Brushing Your Teeth)

Toothpaste is designed to keep your pearly-whites clean and gleaming.

But did you know that it also, inadvertently, holds the key to domestic bliss?

While a few of us at HuffPost UK Lifestyle have tried the age-old trick of putting toothpaste on our spots. We seem to have missed a fair few hacks for making the most of that tube of Colgate.

Until now, that is.

Without further ado, here are nine alternative toothpaste uses you need to know about.

1) Shine silver

2) Clean your bathroom taps

3) Remove stains from mugs

4) Remove make-up smudges from surfaces

5) Remove odours from fingertips

6) Plot where to hang pictures with it

7) Erase watermarks on wood

8) Remove permanent marker stains

9) Make your trainers gleam

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