10/04/2015 06:22 BST | Updated 10/06/2015 06:12 BST

How A Steam Cleaner Can Make Your Home A Safer Place To Be

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While we may think the key to a cleaner home lies in using an abundance of cleaning products and scrubbing, dusting and hoovering as often as we can, the truth is, many of the household cleaners in our cupboards contain a myriad of different ingredients.

Not only can we benefit from swapping volatile organic compound (VOC) containing cleaning products like oven and carpet cleaners and air fresheners for non-toxic alternatives, exploring alternative cleaning methods like steam cleaners, which only use clean water, can maximise cleaning potential without harm to the environment, you or your children.

Steam cleaners, like Kärcher's lauded range of products, provide a deep clean across your home, removing stains, limescale and mould and killing 99.9 of common household bacteria on all hard surfaces, tiles and mirrors, according to research undertaken by the Enders Laboratory in Stuttgart.

Steam cleaners can not only make your home a safer place to be, they're also a cost-efficient choice that can save money and energy in the long run. Steam cleaning saves up to 80 more energy thanks to their unique floor nozzle design, which features special slats that save time, energy and improve cleaning performance by keeping the steam concentrated on the floor for a longer period to provide a deeper, more intense clean.

The convenience of steam cleaners also eliminates the need for scrubbing, saving time and energy to create a more efficient - and pleasant - cleaning experience.