The Hidden Bacteria In Your Home (And How To Get Rid Of It)

Close up hands of woman washing dishes in kitchen
Close up hands of woman washing dishes in kitchen

No matter how hard we try to keep our homes spotless - or at least presentable to visitors - it can be a challenge to get rid of all of the dirt and bacteria in our houses. Especially when we don't know it's there.

Germs are everywhere, and can come into our homes on people, pets and food, and since most germs are spread by the hands (and surfaces that come into contact with the hands), ensuring the daily practice of good hand hygiene and hygienic cleaning is more effective than obsessively deep-cleaning the house from top to bottom once a week.

According to the NHS, it's also important to target 'germ hotspots' that easily spread germs, like chopping boards and wash cloths - all cleaning aids need to be germ-free or they'll spread germs to other surfaces. When cleaning, emphasise areas in the home where germs are more likely to spread, like the kitchen and bathroom.

Children top the list for spreading germs since they are exposed to so much social contact through nursery or school, and don't always practice the level of hand hygiene we'd hope for after playing outside or using the bathroom.

Toys, which are carried from room to room and pushchair to playgroup, should also be washed thoroughly or wiped down with disinfectant cloths.

Click through the gallery below for nine spots harbouring hidden bacteria in your home (and how to get rid of them), with expert advice from the team at, the website that matches busy working professionals with local trusted cleaners.