British Photographer Captures Stunning Panoramic Landscapes That Will Take Your Breath Away

These Are Just Stunning...

British photographer John Chapple didn't always plan on photographing stunning landscapes around the world, in fact his career started off on a completely different path, working for a news agency in Devon. But now father of two, Chapple says that his love for landscape photography comes a very close second to children.

'My two kids are my passion and obsession, but photography is a close second. I don't feel that I'm obsessed with photography, but I do have a way of framing everything I see as if I were photographing it. I tend to see the world through a view finder. Landscape photography is most definitely a passion' he tells Landscape Photography Magazine.

Mr Chapple has been on assignments all over the world covering news for all the major publications, but during his stint covering stories, John has taken time to capture the stunning scenery in which he has found himself.

Each beautiful photograph was captured using a Linhof Technorama 617 panoramic camera, which is a 6 x 17 cm format handheld camera and with its unique system, it revolves around five distinct lenses that is well-suited to capturing landscape and architectural photography at it's best.

John Chapple Stunning Lanscapes


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