MOTI Is The Gadget That Can Cure Laziness


Procrastination is the villain we all share in common. It's the feeling that because a job is perhaps too big, or too difficult that it should then be delayed.

While our phones, watches and laptops all come with ways of reminding us to do things, they're all far too polite. MOTI isn't.

This desk-mounted little gadget is designed to both kickstart you into action, and then reward you when you've completed your task.

The premise is devilishly simple; you set a task, MOTI will light up and remind you until you've done it, at which point the light changes and you're left in peace.

Think of it as the silent alarm that will ultimately turn you into a more pro-active person.

25-year-old creator Kayla Matheus explained to the Huffington Post that the problem is simply that at our core, humans are incredibly simple creatures.

"The problem with most habits is delayed gratification, MOTI celebrates with you."

MOTI uses genuine science to give you the three steps you need in completing a task without feeling any dread: a trigger, routine and then a reward.

While it's not available to buy right now, MOTI is in the beta testing stage which means that it'll be sent out to some lucky guinea pigs who'll be able to try it out in the real world first.