Woman Wears Same Outfit To Work Everyday For Three Years - Here's Why

Woman Wears Same Outfit Everyday For Three Years - Here's Why

Weekday mornings are stressful. From the shrill of your alarm clock at an ungodly hour to realising you've run out of milk, by the time we've made it out the front door most of us would rather still be in bed.

That's why one woman has taken drastic action to make her mornings less stressful, by wearing the same outfit to work everysingleday.

Matilda Kahl, who works as an art director at advertising firm Satchi & Satchi in New York, says the idea came to her after a particularly stressful Monday morning.

Writing for Harper's Bazaar, Kahl explains that she had an important meeting that day and so spent the morning fussing over what to wear.

After trying on a series of outfits, she decided on one that she regretted almost as soon as she left the house. When she arrived at work (flustered and with her jumper inside-out) she felt completely unprepared for the day and vowed to make a change.

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"I have no clue how the idea of a work uniform came to me, but soon, the solution to my woes came in the form of 15 silk white shirts and a few black trousers.

"For a little personal detail, I remembered my mother loved to put bows in my hair as kid, so I chose to add a custom-made black leather rosette around my neck. Done."

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She's first to admit that a "work uniform" is no new idea. A large number of men wear a suit to work everyday, she says.

For her gender is at the heart of the problem. Women are faced with a huge amount of pressure to look "flawless" on a daily basis, but they need to "reclaim the driver's seat".

"Today, I not only feel great about what I wear, I don't think about what I wear."

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