‘Better Call Saul': The ‘Breaking Bad' References You Might Have Missed During The Spin-Off's First Series

'Better Call Saul': The 'Breaking Bad' References You Probably Missed

The first series of ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’ is officially over, and while the series wasn’t exactly jam-packed with action, it has given fans of Vince Gilligan’s creations plenty to mull over.

As fans were hoping, the ten episode prequel featured many throwbacks - though technically they were looking forwards - to ‘Breaking Bad’.

First up, there was the fact we found Saul, post-Walter White, working in a Cinnabon, as he’d once predicted.

A number of characters from Walt’s world showed up too, and we were given a much-longed for glimpse into Mike Ehrmantraut’s past. But what about the more obscure references that were easy to miss?

Here are 12 that you probably didn’t spot…


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