The Vinyl Charts Are Back, And They're Here To Stay

Vinyl is having a great 2015. Not only is it on course to hit sales numbers that haven't been seen since 1995, it's now back in the UK's official charts listings.

The Official Charts company announced on 12 April that vinyl would now have both an albums and singles chart.

With Record Store Day taking place on the 18 April 2015, the Official Charts company decided to time the announcement with the day as part of a celebration of the format that just refuses to move with the times.

As music ownership becomes less physical, the growth of vinyl appears to be showing that people still care about the act of listening to music; caring about the discs, actually sitting down to specifically listen to music.

1,288,510 vinyl albums were sold in 2014, that's almost double the figures from 2013 and three times the number of records sold in 2012.

2015 looks set to show an even bigger increase of 70 per cent with 2 million sales expected by the end of this year.