A Man Played So Much Candy Crush He Ruptured The Tendon In His Thumb

Play a lot of Candy Crush on your phone or tablet? You might want to start rationing your use because as this man discovered, you can have too much of a good thing.

A case has been reported in the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine that describes a 29-year old male who actually ruptured a tendom in his thumb after playing too much of the popular game.

According to the MailOnline, the individual from California didn't even realise he'd injured himself after going on the 6 week Candy Crush Saga binge.

The medical report went on to state that the individual then had to undergo surgery with doctor's expressing their surprise that what was normally an incredibly painful injury had gone entirely unnoticed.

The report goes on to raise questions over the affects that excessive video game playing can have on our pain thresholds.

"Future research should consider whether pain reduction is a reason some individuals play video games excessively, manifest addiction, or sustain injuries associated with video gaming."

So there you have it.