Are These The Most Ridiculous Baby Names Ever?

Are These The Most Ridiculous Baby Names Ever?
A distressed baby
A distressed baby

Ridiculous baby names have been taken to a new level, if the users of Reddit are to be believed.

In an astonishing and hilarious thread on the social networking forum, tens of thousands of commenters shared the most ludicrous names they've ever come across.

And there really are some doozies, including this top 10 – helpfully compiled by the Mail:

1. Obamaniqua

2. I'munique (as in, 'I am unique')

3. Boy Boy

4. Hellzel (dad liked Hell's Angels and mum liked name Hazel))

5. Abstinence

6. Britney ShakiraBeyonce (mum was a pop fan, obvs!)

7. Vejonica (combining Veronica and John)

8. Gennah Tyles (think about it)

9. Mazen (short for Amazing!)

10. Like (as in Facebook Like)

But those are just the tip of an iceberg of imaginative monikers. Others included 'Airwrecker' - an alternative spelling to 'Erica'; 'Orgasm', submitted by the daughter of a midwife who has heard her fair share of horror stories; Blade - who was a real a**hole at school; Cobra; Thermopylae ('no idea why'); and Ermengarde ('The parents were hippies, but still wanted to include the mother's grandmother's name!')

And as for 'Abstinence', one user speculated: "I predict she will be pregnant by 16."

More than a few users mentioned the name Obamaniqua as being the real name of children they had come across, which is defined by Urban Dictionary as: "A ghetto-fabulous African-American that loves president Barrack Obama."

Several users mentioned celebrities and their weirdly named offspring, specifically Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin for naming their daughter Apple, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West for their toddler North West, and Lil' Kim, for naming her daughter Royal Reign.

But perhaps the most sinister name of all was 'Lucifer', which belonged to a 'little blonde boy with bright blue eyes' at the school of one submitter, and who was apparently 'a very creepy kid'.

As for the most popular baby names in the UK for 2014? Sophia, Emily and Lily for a girl, according to BabyCentre's annual survey, and Muhammad, Oliver and Jack for a boy.

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