Teen Invites Grandfather To Prom In What Is Probably The Most Adorable Act Ever

It was her first high school prom at Albertville High School in Alabama.

But rather than inviting any old boy from her class, Joy Webb had other plans - she asked her 80-year-old grandfather James Drain to go with her.

*Heart melts*

Webb decided to invite her rather unconventional date after hearing that her grandfather - who they fondly refer to as 'Papa' - didn't get the chance to attend prom when he was younger.

The kind teen wanted to share the experience with him because he is a man who brings "nothing but happiness to the family".

Webb told WHNT News: "My family is everything to me and I love him so much. It's just, like, really special to me because I know not many people get to do that."

The pair turned up to the school prom in a horse-drawn carriage. Webb looked stunning in a blue, floor-length gown, while her grandfather wore a tuxedo with a blue bow tie to match his date.

And with a tear in his eye, Webb's grandfather Papa revealed that it was a night of firsts for him. "This is my first appearance in a tuxedo," he said proudly.

As their carriage pulled away to take them to prom, Webb added: "This is my prince for the night."

Aren't they the cutest?

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