16/04/2015 13:40 BST | Updated 16/06/2015 10:12 BST

How To Make Iced Coffee

You know it's summer when you start to swap your regular warm coffee for the refreshing iced version.

Whether you want to pretend you're on the way to the beach instead of the office or it's your secret hangover cure, find out how to create the perfect iced coffee with this easy tutorial below - then count all the money you've saved from making your own at home and hit the sales to celebrate...

Want to give DIY iced coffee a try? Don't miss these top tips from Grounded Coffee Catering's Melissa Knott:

1. People often think the easiest way to make this is by cooling hot coffee with ice. Don't - yes, it's quicker, but you'll end up with a bitter-tasting drink.
2. Only two ingredients are required but using freshly ground coffee and cold filtered water will give you the best results. Mix these together in a cafetiere and then be prepared to wait - to make the best coffee concentrate, leave overnight for a strong, rich flavour.
3. Once you've got your concentrate ready to go, mix half a cup with water and a few ice cubes. Want a latte? Just add a drop of milk.

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