16/04/2015 07:38 BST | Updated 16/04/2015 07:59 BST

'Life On Marbs': New ITVBe Reality Show Will Follow 'Rich And Famous' In Marbella... And Maybe Some 'TOWIE' Stars Too!

We’ve seen vajazzling in Essex, tashing on in Newcastle and a slew of fabulous one-liners courtesey of Mark-Francis in Chelsea, but for the new reality show on the scene, viewers will be taken somewhere a bit more exotic.

ITVBe have confirmed that new show ‘Life On Marbs’ will hit screens later this year and will focus on the “luxury lives” of the “rich and famous”, living in Spain’s party capital, Marbella.

The Sun have reported that, following on from the success of ‘TOWIE’ specials in the Spanish resort, cast members from the docusoap could end up putting in cameo appearances in ‘Life On Marbs’.

Elliot and Chloe in some not-at-all staged photos on a beach in Marbella

The ‘TOWIE’ cast’s frequent trips to Marbella have led to the creation of the catchphrase “no carbs before Marbs”, referencing their efforts to look trim on the beach.

Let’s just hope that this new lot know how to dress for the beach more appropriately than the ‘TOWIE’ cast. Yes we’re looking at you, Bobby Norris...

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