17/04/2015 13:38 BST | Updated 17/06/2015 06:12 BST

Pupils' Responses To 'I Wish My Teacher Knew...' Note Will Break Your Heart

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Boy writing in classroom

We don't try to break your hearts deliberately here at Parentdish, but we had to share this with you.
'Moving' just doesn't do it justice.

They're eight-year-old pupils' notes shared by teacher Kyle Schwartz after she asked them to complete the sentence: "I wish my teacher knew..."

The teacher from Doull Elementery in Denver, Colorado, US, explained that she wanted to build trust with her class and learn something about them.

And she said she was blown away by their responses.

In fact, her pupils' notes have made such an impact that they now have their own #iwishmyteacherknew hashtag on Twitter.

Read 'em inspired.