'Coronation Street' Spoiler: Sarah-Louise Platt Caught Kissing Callum Logan By Her Brother Nick... Will He Keep Her Secret? (PICS)

As Sarah-Louise Platt’s secret romance with Callum Logan continues in ‘Coronation Street’, it was inevitable that the pair were going to get caught eventually, and that’s exactly what viewers can look forward to next week.


It’s been just like old times on ‘Corrie’ lately, with Sarah (Tina O’Brien) rowing perpetually with her younger brother, David (Jack P Shepherd), ever since she made her dramatic return to the cobbles.

She’s since found the perfect way to get one over on him thanks to her secret romance with his long-standing enemy - and the father of his step-son, Max - Callum Logan (Sean Ward).

Sarah and Callum share a kiss in the backyard

So far, Sarah and David have managed to keep things on the downlow from her family - despite a close call last week when they almost caught them in the act - but it looks like that is all about to change.

Next week, when Callum treats Sarah’s teenage daughter Bethany to a new mobile phone, she can’t resist giving him a smooch in the backyard, but they’re accidentally caught by her older brother, Nick (Ben Price).


Note to Sarah: If you’re trying to conduct a secret affair, try not to do it when you’re living at your mum’s house with about 12 other people.

Find out how Nick reacts to the latest drama to hit the Platt family when these scenes air on Monday, 27 April on ITV.

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