Blindfolded Children Recognise Their Mums In Touching Experiment (Video)

blindfolded children blond kid portrait isolated on white
blindfolded children blond kid portrait isolated on white

Could your child recognise you just from your smell?

That was the intriguing proposition of an experiment that has gone viral on the internet.

In a video that has been viewed more than 4 million times, six kids are blindfolded before being asked to pick their mum out of a group.

As the children switch onto their non-sight senses of touch and smell, their mothers wait anxiously to see whether their child will recognise them.

The kids then move tentatively along the group one by one, taking the women's hands, touching their hair and faces.

And in a moment that will have you reaching for the tissues, each child eventually locates their own mum and throws their arms around them in recognition.

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The video, called The Unique Connection, was created by Pandora to celebrate Australia's Mother's Day and the special bond between mother and child.

The moving movie has attracted the attention of celebrities.

Ashton Kutcher shared the video on his Facebook page, and wrote: "I could watch this all day."

Mother's Day 2015 is celebrated in Australia and the US on May 10.