Embarrassing Social Media Posts? Clear Uses A Supercomputer To Delete Them

Ethan Czahor is no stranger to controversy, just a few months ago he was the centre of a story which was -- to all intents and purposes -- his own making.

As the new chief tech officer for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Czahor quickly came under the spotlight of the press and sure enough it was discovered that back in 2008 he'd made some highly inflammatory tweets and comments.

Speaking to Time Czahor said: “I was telling jokes with my friends and they were completely tongue-in-cheek and completely harmless, but years later after I had forgotten about them, they’d been pulled out of context and it looked terrible.”

2008 might seem like a long time ago, but the fact is it doesn't matter if you were just 'telling some jokes', if they're on the internet then someone will find them.

This is where Clear comes in. It's a service that'll integrate with all your major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Clear then uses some seriously complex algorithms as well as assistance from IBM's Watson Supercomputer to then analyse every post, comment, picture and give you a clear list of posts that it believes are offensive or embarrassing.

As more people use Clear, the service will get better using both the supercomputer and the algorithms to help learn context: if it's a retweet of something that might not directly be something you agree with.

The service is currently in beta, so if it's something you think you need then you can sign up to the service provisionally.

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