'Sh*t My English Boyfriend Says' Shows Just How Bonkers British Sayings Can Be

Sh*t My English Boyfriend Says' Shows British Sayings Are Bonkers
Couple arguing
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Couple arguing

Warning: this article contains strong, but hilarious, language

Although England and the United States technically speak the same language, there is a hell of a lot that is simply lost in translation. (WTF, for example, is a corn dog?)

Well, imagine being Melodie Hoke, a 23-year-old graphic designer from Chicago, who is in a serious relationship with 25-year-old geezer Ryan Burdock.

Ryan's "watered-down cockney" (he's from Margate, Kent) has baffled and entertained Melodie so much throughout their relationship, that she's compiled her favourite Ryan-isms as part of her 'Shit My English Boyfriend Says' series.

Read some of her favourites below and imagine how baffling they must be to a non-Brit.

Be warned, they're a bit #NSFW, but they've certainly got us in stitches. Kids Men really do say the funniest things.

Shit My English Boyfriend Says

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