Mum Stranded In Benidorm After Giving Birth 12 Weeks Early

A mum faces being stranded in Benidorm for three months after she gave birth to a baby boy 12 weeks prematurely while on holiday with her baby's dad.

Karla Hornby had baby Freddie, weighing just 2lbs, by emergency Caesarean section while she was enjoying a Spanish break with her partner Jordan Jackson.

The couple have now been told they will have to stay in Benidorm for at least three months while Freddie builds up his strength – which means Karla will be separated from her seven-year-old daughter, Charlie, who is being looked after by family in the UK.

Karla, 29, and Jordan, 21, a soldier in the army's Royal Logistics corps, had travelled to the Spanish resort for a final break before Karla was due to give birth.

Karla had been cleared to fly by medical staff but was given a surprise when she suddenly went into labour.

She said: "On Saturday we were relaxing by the pool when my waters suddenly broke - I was in complete and utter shock."

She was taken to hospital, where doctors found that she was already 2cm dilated and transferred her to a bigger hospital.

Karla added: "Jordan wasn't allowed in the ambulance with me and the staff didn't speak any English so I had no idea what was going on - my contractions were getting stronger.

"In hospital I was bleeding heavily - it was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

"I had one big contraction and bled heavily, so they rushed me to theatre - I was shaking and I couldn't breathe, I thought I was going to die."

An emergency Caesarean was performed but the couple weren't able to see Freddie until the following evening.

She said: "I couldn't stop crying, I was so relieved that he was OK but he just looked so small - I was desperate to pick him up."

The family from Bolton, Greater Manchester, have been able to use insurance to pay for medical costs but have already had to pay £1,000 for a hotel.

They are now facing the prospect of supporting themselves in Spain for at least three months as Freddie gains the strength needed to fly home.

Their family and friends are doing everything they can to raise money to help and a funding website has already raised more than £4,000.

Jordan's mother, Vickie Cunliffe, said: "It has been so frightening for everyone - we are just trying to think of as many ways as possible to raise money to help them."

Karla's best friend Lisa Johnston said: "We just want as many people as possible to get in touch and do what they can to help them survive over there."

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