Cute Seven-Year-Old Girl Perfectly Explains How Her Two Mums Had A Baby

Seven-Year-Old Girl Explains How Her Two Mums Had A Baby

An adorable seven-year-old girl has created a video to help kids with two mums explain how they were to be conceived.

The excitable Sophia, who wrote and illustrated the video herself, sits next to her mother Brandy to explain how sperm donors work.

“Say you have mum and she was in love with this other girl, and then they married and then they’re going to have a baby," she says. "But they needed a boy!”

"A baby needs an egg and sperm to grow, because a girl has an egg and a boy has sperm."

The family - Brandy, Susan (who does not appear in this video) and their daughter Sophia - have been part of a series of videos produced by The Next Family, an organisation supporting non-traditional family set ups, including same sex parents, single-parent families and in vitro families.

Cute or what?