Josh Sheehan Completes FMX's First Ever Triple Backflip

Australian freestyle motocross pro Josh Sheehan has joined the elite rank of extreme sports legends to make history with seemingly impossible tricks.

Akin to Tony Hawk shocking crowds when he completed the Indy 900 back in 1999, Sheehan has managed to pull off a seriously impressive triple backflip on his motorbike.

The Honda rider pulled off the epic trick at Pastranaland in Maryland, USA, on 28 April in front of hordes of cheering fans.

Sheehan, 29, hit the 11.3 metre ramp at 60mph, giving him the boost he needed to haul the 200kg bike around three times.

Travis Pastrana, the owner of the FMX complex where Sheehan landed the record breaking trick, was the first rider to complete a double backflip at the X Games in 2006.

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