8 'Lost' Mysteries We STILL Can't Solve, Five Years After The Finale Of TV's Most Mind-Boggling Show

8 Mysteries In 'Lost' We STILL Can't Solve

It's been almost five years since 'Lost' finally called it a day, after baffling most of its many fans through 121 mind-boggling episodes.

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Since then, its most familiar name behind the camera, JJ Abrams, has gone onto even bigger things, steering the 'Star Trek' reboot into success and now bringing 'Star Wars' to a new generation of fans.

Naveen Andrews and Evangeline Lilly were just two actors who found worldwide fame with 'Lost'

Co-creator Jeffrey Lieber has been busy with 'Necessary Roughness' and 'NCIS: New Orleans'. The third member of the team Damon Lindelof is behind George Clooney's latest film 'Tomorrowland', as well as scripting 'Prometheus' and helming HBO's 'The Leftovers'.

Meanwhile, though, others remain preoccupied with working out just what was occurring on that strange island, following the arrival of the surviving passengers of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 on what APPEARED to be an uninhabited tropical paradise.

With thanks to LostMysteries.Blogspot.UK, a tireless bloggers' website - where many of the puzzles that shrouded 'Lost' in mystery have been dissected to the majority of readers' satisfaction - here are eight of the biggest mysteries that remain unsolved to this day...

Why was the Frozen Donkey Wheel place not frozen when the wheel was built?

8 'Lost' Mysteries We Still Haven't Solved

So is that all cleared up now?

'Lost' Series 1 to 6 are available on DVD boxset or digital download. Watch the trailer for the final series below...


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