01/05/2015 06:21 BST | Updated 01/05/2015 06:59 BST

Men And Women Want Sex At Different Times Of The Day, Apparently

Have you ever felt in the mood for lovin' only to find your partner would sooner turn over and go to sleep? This may be because your sex drives just aren't syncing.

A new study has lifted the lid on the differences in sex drives between men and women, and to say that the results were very interesting would be an understatement.

The survey found that the optimum time women want sex is at 11.21pm.

Whereas men - who clearly love an early start - preferred to have sex more than 15 hours earlier at 7.45am.

couple on bed

The sex survey by Lovehoney asked 2,300 people about their sex drives.

They found that 78% of men admitted they desire sex at different times of the day, compared to 69% of women.

Men feel friskiest in the morning, between 6-9am. Whereas women want to have sex later at night, usually between 11pm-2am.

According to the results, just 11% of women feel passionate in the morning, while just 16% of men want to make love just before they go to sleep.

The survey also discovered that people tend to settle down with partners who have similar sex drives to their own.

But despite this, more than two-thirds of women (68%) and men (63%) have dated someone whose sex drive was different from their own.

We just can't win, can we?

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