‘The C-Word' Reviews: Sheridan Smith Wins Praise From Fans And Critics For Portrayal Of Lisa Lynch

Sheridan Smith has won praise from fans and critics, for her portrayal of Lisa Lynch in the BBC drama ‘The C-Word’.

Sunday night’s one-off show was based on Lisa’s blog 'Alright Tit' and her subsequent book, in which she detailed her battle with breast cancer, with a refreshing candid style.

Sheridan Smith and Paul Nicholls as Lisa and Pete Lynch

With Sheridan as Lisa and Paul Nicholls as her husband Pete, ‘The C-Word’ was certainly a tear-jerker, and fans and critics alike have praised the drama’s cast, and the wonderful woman whose honesty inspired it all.

The Guardian’s TV critic writes: “I did plenty of that, welling up. Also laughing. ‘The C-Word’ is very sad and very funny and very honest and – most of all – very human. Ace from Sheridan Smith, demonstrating – yet again – that right now there isn’t really anyone to touch her for turning words in a script into breathing, warm-blooded human life. For nailing it, basically.”

“'The C-Word' was a weepy, of course, but not just a weepy. It was also a very warm, honest account of a woman enduring, and sometimes transcending, a terrible and still too common fate,” adds The Independent.

A number of fans also took to Twitter to discuss the show:

Sheridan then thanked everyone for their support, writing:

Sheridan shaved her head for the role, and the actress previously admitted that she found the task daunting.

“It did upset me a little bit at the time, but it’s just hair – it’ll grow back," she stated. "And ‘The C-Word’ is about such an amazing woman.

“Everyone is affected by cancer and I lost my eldest brother to it, so although of course you feel like you’ve lost a bit of your femininity, I feel it’s the least I could do."

‘The C-Word’ is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

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