This Frozen-Style Triumph Bra Advert Has Caused A Bit Of A Stir


There is not a parent on earth who doesn't know what Frozen is.

But when a Frozen-style advert aired on TV advertising Triumph bras, some parents reportedly weren't best pleased.

The ad shows 23-year-old model, Hannah Ferguson, trying to 'find the one' - the one being an ideal bra. We're initially introduced to Hannah as a Frozen-style version of herself.

Animated Hannah breaks out into song with two fellow characters with a catchy tune, swinging around a huge underwear closet with hundreds of bras to choose from.

Near the end of the advert, Hannah turns back into her real self with the perfect bra on and looks in the mirror.

But the Mirror reports the advert drew complaints. Including one from the father of a ten-year-old boy, who they say labelled the advert "inappopriate".

Although over on Twitter, we found very few airing their concerns...

Triumph responded by saying the brand's message was to encourage women to get measured properly when bra shopping.

“It is really important for us to find new ways of bringing to life the bra finding journey so that we continue to inspire customers to go for a bra fitting,” said Eszter Szijarto, the company’s head of brand marketing.

“By transforming our model, Hannah, into a cartoon we are treading new ground and by doing so, we aim to create a compelling visual experience that captures the magical feeling of finding the right bra that transforms your life – ‘the one’.”

Suzanne McKenna, Triumph's global head of brand also responded to the claims the advert had drawn complaints:

“We are truly proud of our newest award-nominated TV ad, featuring innovative creative in the form of an animated film - a lingerie industry first - as well as model Hannah Ferguson who is fronting our latest campaign, ‘The One’.

"We reassert that Triumph has not commercially invested in its diffusion across any children’s channels or networks and can confirm that the ad not did air on Cartoon Network on Wednesday 22nd April as reported.

"The ad was designed to bring to life the concept of finding ‘The One’ bra, playing on finding ‘the one’ in love, and so, our heroine forges a relationship with her bra in a charming, unexpected and surprising way.

"At Triumph we believe that women should love their lingerie and want to help them find ‘The One’ perfect bra for them; we have always been committed to helping to empower women, and as such, cater to all shapes, sizes and age groups.”

It's worth asking - why are bras suddenly taboo? Would we have the same reaction to a Marks and Spencer underwear ad?

Or are we worried that our kids will suddenly start asking for a bra? Ridiculous really, when you consider all mums wear them. Your thoughts in the comments below, please...

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