'Do You Want To Play With My Balls?' Children's Book Gets Hilarious Read-Through Video

This will definitely make you giggle.

A new kids' book, titled 'Do You Want To Play With My Balls?', has been receiving an awful lot of attention on the internet for its pages full of cheeky innuendos.

Featuring such lines as "your balls are so big I can't even fit them in my mouth!" and "I always end up with blue balls", the readthrough video has gone viral since being shared on Sunday.

The book, which costs £1.99 as an e-book on Amazon, has already raised almost $20,000 on Kickstarter to go into print.

Although some people, HuffPost UK HQ included, are struggling to make it through the entire video without crying from laughter, some commenters believe the book promotes paedophilia.

Authors Matt and Lou Cifaldi have been contacted for comment.

"Some of them have got a good forking."

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