Pregnant Rebecca Adlington Lets Us Peek Inside Her Baby's New Nursery

Pregnant Rebecca Adlington Lets Us Peek Inside Her Baby's Nursery

Rebecca Adlington's due date is still four weeks away, but the Olympic swimmer has already got her nursery ready for her first baby.

Adlington, 26, has shared a YouTube video of herself giving a tour of the room, which is kitted out with a cot, changing table, car seat and a nursery chair (that is currently home to her pet dogs).

Adlington is so organised she's even divided the wardrobe into sections for when her daughter reaches different ages, and of course, she's already bought her first swimming costume.

"We had to," she says. "We can't wait to take her in the pool, so that's exciting."

There's just one thing missing from Adlington's nursery.

"The last thing that we need is her, we need her to come out," jokes the expectant mum.

"We're just so excited, the house is finally done, we've only got four weeks left of the pregnancy, so hopefully it will go nice and smoothly and now we can't wait to meet her. We're super excited."

Adlington shared the video on Twitter where it racked up 80 favourites in just a few hours.

She also received a lot of comments telling her not to wish away the last few peaceful days before she becomes a mother.

As well as few helpful lighting suggestions:

Adlington and her husband, fellow swimmer Harry Needs, 23, found out she was pregnant shortly after their wedding in August last year and they've previously suggested the baby was conceived during their honeymoon.

“The due date is 4 June... so, yes, we must have conceived on the first day of our honeymoon in Venice,” said Adlington.

Needs cheekily added: “But we're not the Beckhams - we won't be calling the baby Venice!”

Plenty more nursery decor inspiration to be found in the slideshow below: