Teen's Dying Wish To Donate His Organs Has Changed The Lives Of 50 People


A teenager who died following an accidental overdose on prescription pills has saved the lives of many people, after his dying wish to become an organ donor was honoured.

Cody Souder passed away in October 2013, and since then, his heart, liver and kidneys have been transplanted to desperate recipients. Someone gained their sight after his corneas were donated, while a number of burns victims were helped by the use of his skin.

"If there's a person that gets even another day with their child or their dad because of Cody's organs, it was well worth it to us, because we would do anything to get another day with him," Cody's mother Amy told CBS News.

"It's an amazing thing and the best thing is it works. People's lives are saved," added Howard Nathan, CEO of the Gift of Life, an organisation which helped coordinate the multiple transplants.

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