Colour-Blind Father Sees Children Properly For The First Time And Inspires Others To Do The Same

Watch This Colour-Blind Father See His Kids In Colour For The First Time

Think back to when you saw your newborn for the first time. Emotional, right?

That's probably the closest feeling you'll have to this colour-blind father, who saw his children properly for the first time thanks to a pair of specialised sunglasses.

His sister, Katherine Empey, uploaded the four-minute video to YouTube, documenting the reveal.

With over 72,000 views already, the public have felt touched by video, with one person writing: "I totally cried! Amazing! I hope I can someday afford to get these for my sweetheart! We've been together 15 years and the other day he said he loved his "brown eyed girl" if only he could see my eyes are vivid green :("

Other commenters who are colour-blind expressed thanks for sharing the video, knowing they can do the same.

In the video, the father receives the package and his kids stand around him eagerly while he opens up the EnChroma glasses. He suffers from Protanopia, meaning he cannot see the colours red or green.

Initially in shock when the glasses go on, he soon reduces to tears as he looks around at all three of his children, squeezing them tightly.

"It's a new world!" says his sister when he walks out to look at the cars in the road.

These glasses are designed specifically to boost colour vision, and is effective for 80% of cases.