13/05/2015 11:31 BST | Updated 13/05/2015 11:59 BST

#DadWin Photos Show Hilarious Moments When Fathers Think They're Doing A Grand Job

Sometimes dads just don't get enough credit.

They've got this parenting lark down and to prove it they have taken to Instagram to share snapshots of their greatest successes with the hashtag #Dadwin - and the results are pretty hilarious.

Here's a selection of dads who have achieved some incredible wins while at home with their children, as well as a few spectacular mum fails too...

The dad who buys all the toys

The dad who thinks he nails a ponytail

My sorry excuse for a bun.. #dadwin #houseofgirls

A photo posted by Nic Dampier (@dapperdamp) on

The dad who gets his kid to do the shopping

The dad who bakes some chocolate muffins

Birthday muffins

A photo posted by Paul Barlow (@ceriphinz) on

The dad who lets his kids build a den

The dad who finds a new way to hang washing out

The dad who lets his kids eat tonnes of sugar

#sprinkle #waffles for the birthday bug. The whipped cream has already been smashed. #dadwin

A photo posted by Christine (@bug_loves_bear) on

The dad who thinks "screentime" should involve as many screens as possible

My morning office buddy while working from home. #dadwin

A photo posted by Dan Towle (@d_towle) on

The dad who's more into the game than his child is

The dad who finds a new use for his shopping bag

Flora fits nicely in a shopping bag. #babywearing #wearthem #dadwin

A photo posted by Dot Falcon (@bustedbutton) on

So if dads are winning, are there any #mumfails around? Yup.

The mum who does a naff haircut

The mum who burns the toast

The mum who doesn't even know her kid is out

My mum does love me I swear! #othernight #mumfail #whateven #nolove #feels!

A photo posted by Cloe (@clo_mitch) on

The mum who can't build a trainset

Building train sets is hard 😔🚂 #mumlife #mumfail #trains #trainset #toys #sundayfunday

A photo posted by Michaela Walsh (@mickeywalshx) on

The mum whose nappy changing technique is so bad her kid will do anything to avoid it

Oh you guys, you do make us laugh.

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