Woman Fired For Deleting App Which Let Employer Track Her Location

This Takes Workplace Snooping To A New Level

A woman from California claims she was fired from her job after she deleted an app on her work iPhone which allowed her employer to track her location 24/7.

According to Arse Technica, former Sales Executive for money transfer service Intermex Myrna Arias claims that her boss fired her after she deleted the app from her phone.

Xora is a job-management app that allows employers to manage a predominantly mobile workforce by tracking them on a map and then issuing jobs to those closest.

The app tracks the employer using the iPhone's GPS, allowing both the employer and the customer to see how close they are.

Arias said she had no issue with the app tracking her during work hours, it was only when her boss 'bragged' that he could track her location outside of work, and even know how fast she was travelling that she decided to delete the app.

Miss Arias is now claiming $500,000 in damages claiming that her privacy was invaded as the phone had been tracking her movements on the weekend.

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