GoPro Captures Terrifying Close-Up Of A Great White Shark Off Orange County

An Orange County fireboat had a close encounter with a great white shark earlier this week after the ocean predator strayed into the normally calm waters of the Californian west coast.

The Sheriff's Department uploaded a GoPro video to its official Facebook page showing the rather concerning moment the enormous creature swam next to the boat.

Lifeguards were notified and the locals were warned to keep away from what would turn out to be an incredibly busy day.

Over six sightings were confirmed that day all featuring sharks that were between five and six feet in length.

On Monday morning Sunset Harbor fireboat was patrolling offshore from Surfside when they spotted a shark swimming just below the surface. They suspected it was a great white shark, which was later confirmed when these photos were examined by marine scientists. The deputies immediately notified local lifeguards, and warned away stand-up paddleboarders who were in the area. When Sergeant Hollenbeck and Deputies Cacioppo and Pace returned to that area on the fireboat that afternoon, they spotted a shark almost immediately. OCSD airship "Duke" was contacted and asked to do a flyby. Upon their arrival, they counted at least six sharks around the fireboat, approximately five to six feet in length. The below video is from a GoPro camera the fireboat is equipped with, which the deputies attached to the end of a boat hook and lowered into the water as the shark swam by.

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Department, CA on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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