These Mad Max: Fury Road Monster Motors Will Blow Your Mind

George Miller has come a long way from directing the first 1979 Mad Max starring Mel Gibson.

There is no other word than BIG to describe 'Mad Max: Fury Road', from the jaw dropping explosive effects to the barbarous vehicles to the massive dry post-apocalyptic vastness of desert, Miller's new reboot is nothing short of amazing.

There’s not much script but it really doesn’t matter, this film is all about the visuals that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

The mastermind behind these monster vehicles is none other than production designer Colin Gibson who was told “Make it cool or I’ll kill you” according to Jalopnik.

Gibson is said to have salvaged over 300 cars, motorcycles and truck parts to build his war machines, making up to 150 vehicles. Almost half were destroyed during the making of the movie.

One thing for sure is, these marvellous monstrosities don't disappoint. Warning: You may finish this article feeling the overwhelming urge to go fit 200 large speakers to the top of your car.

The War Rig

Mad Max Cars