Drunk Shopping Service Will Text You Poor Choices When You're Hammered

Like Buying Ridiculously Pointless Tat While Drunk? There's An App For That

Have you ever come home from a night out feeling the effects of your favourite tipple, only to open up your computer and go on a random eBay shopping spree?

Online shopping and drunkenness rarely mix well - that's how you end up with a nasty hangover and 27 life-size cut-outs of Ricky Martin showing up at your door.

But now there's a new shopping service, started by a former BuzzFeed employee (who else), which will text you a random and pointless piece of tat every Sunday morning at 2am.

Unfortunately this game-changing service is only available in the USA at the moment, but anyone stateside can sign up by texting "heyyyyyy" to 551-333-7865.

After that simple message, you'll receive links to the weirdest, most wonderfully pointless things site like Etsy, eBay and Amazon have to offer.

Just don't come crying to us when you spend your entire salary on baked potato flavoured aftershave and Spongebob Squarepants oven mitts.

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