All Hail The Suitsy: Guy Wears A Suit Onesie For A Whole Week And No One Even Notices

Man Wears Onesie Suit That Fools Everyone (And Changes Work Wear As We Know It)

The suitsy (a hybrid of a onesie and a suit) is completely foolproof, one journalist has discovered.

Greg Ferenstein from the Business Insider trialled wearing the adult pyjama onesie for one week to the office, as well as at a parliamentary rally.

And no one noticed.

"I spent the last week gliding around San Francisco in the now infamous “Suitsy,” an adult-sized pajama onesie disguised as a full business suit. At bars and in meetings, no one seemed to notice anything amiss," he wrote on the Business Insider.

Ferenstein was testing whether the suitsy was a gimmick, or could actually be serious office attire. He found out the latter was true.

He wore the Suitsy to a republican rally where he was surrounded by men in suits. Did any of them notice? Nope.

"I unzipped my onesie suit and revealed the comfy glory of what I was actually wearing. Gasps of disbelief echoed around me as if Criss Angel had just made a statue of Ronald Reagan appear out of thin air. “Whaaa?! No way!” he wrote.

The suitsy is a one-piece suit combining a shirt, trousers and a jacket and retails at £215.

Ferenstein concluded that the Suitsy gave him an improved night's sleep, and barely took it off for a working week.

"For style, the Suitsy is no match for an expensive tailored ensemble," writes Ferenstein.

"But that’s like comparing the top speed of a Ford Mustang to a Prius, when all you really want is a car to pick up milk at the grocery store. The Suitsy is meant to satisfy the bare minimum requirements, not make a statement."

The Suitsy was introduced in September on crowdfunding site, Betabrand.

They described it as "a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants — like the lovechild of a business suit and a onesie! False shirt-cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of a complete dress shirt worn underneath."

When wearing the suit for a week to work, Ferenstein even did a very short survey, asking which suit was preferred. The options for respondents were the suitsy, or his normal suit.

Surprisingly, 20% of respondents actually said they preferred the suitsy.

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