Student Asked Police Chief's Daughter To Prom By Pretending To Be Dead And Surrounded By Police Tape

We've seen some pretty out there promposals (prom proposals to you and I), but this one really takes the biscuit.

Teenager Elijah Williams from Maryland, US, has been with his girlfriend Marie Kasten for two years, but had never asked her to prom. So when he found out his high school sweetheart was moving away because her dad had got a new job as a police chief in Vermont, he decided to use a bit of creative license to ask her out..

Prom date✔️

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Naturally, 16-year-old Kasten accepted Williams' promposal, which was staged on her driveway with the help of Williams' family, the Carroll County Times reported. The pair attended their prom at the Wyndham hotel in Gettysbury, Pennsylvania, and posed by a cannon. As you do.

The best prom date I could ask for😘

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