Tina Fey Turns 45: We Say Happy Birthday To '30 Rock' Star With 10 Of Her Finest Moments!

Tina Fey hits 45 today, which gives us an excuse to celebrate a woman at the peak of her career - funny, creative, popular and tireless, and someone who takes no prisoners when it comes to dishing out some shade.

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From her days as part of the writing team at 'Saturday Night Live' - at 29 she became its first female head writer - to her glorious putdown of Bill Cosby at the Golden Globes, Tina is peerless when it comes to delivering a devastating retort, armed with a grin and an eyebrow that can never be too high, and doesn't ever save herself as a target, either. By way of example, we give you these, just 10 of her best and biggest moments... and say, Happy Birthday, Ms Fey. We salute you!

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10 Of Tina Fey's Finest Moments