21/05/2015 07:21 BST | Updated 21/05/2015 07:59 BST

This Maths Puzzle For Vietnamese 8-Year-Olds Has Completely Stumped Parents And Teachers

You've probably had your fair share of puzzling maths questions that your child has presented to you.

We get it, taking your brain back to your school years might be a bit tricky - but this question has completely stumped parents and teachers.

The question was set for Vietnamese 8-year-olds in the town of Bao Loc (central Vietnam) and was posted on VN Express.

Here it goes...


All you have to do is fill in the gaps with the digits from one to nine, so that the equation makes sense.

Translated from the VN Express, teacher Tran Phuong explains you have to follow this order of operations: multiply first, then divide, then addition and then subtract.

Tran Phuong told the VN Express: “This problem is difficult even for adults good at math, so it will be difficult for students in grades three."

He said that he had sent the problem to some people who have degrees in economics and they still have not given him an answer.


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Although the question requires simple basic arithmetic, it's completely puzzling parents. And teachers. And everyone else.

In the PISA tables, which rank students' performance throughout the world, Vietnam ranks 17 in maths, whereas the UK ranks 26.

So, can you solve it?

Seriously, can you?

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