Alton Towers Is Hiring For A Rollercoaster Tester

Alton Towers is actually hiring an official rollercoaster tester. Need we say more?

Ok, we'll elaborate.

The adventure park is looking for someone to test out its rides before doors open to the public.

The only prerequisite is a strong stomach as you'll have to take the UK's biggest rides -- The Smiler, Air, Nemesis, Rita, TH13TEEN and Oblivion -- all in one morning and still look like this:

This will be the one and only perk of the job. Oh and if your stomach can hold down your breakfast, that'll be a bonus too.

You should note that the position is unpaid, food and travel expenses are not included and once September comes, you'll be out of work.

The recruitment process, which ends on the 12 June, is quite X Factoresque as the park would like wannabe testers to upload a short video explaining why they're the best candidate.

Katherine Duckworth from Alton Towers said the prospective tester will "need to be a huge fan of rides and have a very strong stomach as they’ll need to spend hours on our biggest and most famous rollercoasters.”

The competition has just opened up to teenagers over the age of 14, who presumably want to add this as work experience to their CV.

Who knows, not throwing up when subjected to extreme g-forces might one day become a transferable skill.

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