We Want To Rock With This Baby Freddie Mercury Fan

Baby Freddie Mercury Fan Is Too Cute For Words

Some babies might be obsessed with the music of Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa Pig.

But this baby has a different sort of music love affair - in the form of Queen's frontman, Freddie Mercury.

While sitting at the table, he's transfixed on watching Mercury play a Queen concert, and the viewers can see what he's watching in a cropped screen in the right-hand corner.

And he is full-on loving it.

When Mercury starts shouted 'Eh, oh' to the crowd, waiting for the thousands of people in the audience to respond with the same chant, the baby joins in too.

He even copies the hand gestures of Mercury when his hand goes up and down while shouting the chant.

And when the song begins, the baby looks to the person filming as if to say: "I'm dancing, is that okay?"

He seriously is Mercury's biggest fan.

Although he's definitely too young to know the words, as Mercury begins singing the baby starts opening and closing his mouth, without any words coming out.

We think he's trying to mime, or maybe he's practicing his cheering for all the future rock gigs he plans to attend.

Guarantee you can't watch this whole video without smiling.

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