26/05/2015 07:55 BST | Updated 26/05/2015 09:59 BST

Amanda Holden Drenches ‘Britain's Got More Talent' Host Stephen Mulhern With Water After Age Jibe (VIDEO)

Amanda Holden came over all Sharon Osbourne on ‘Britain’s Got More Talent’ last night (25 May), as she threw water over host Stephen Mulhern.

The talent show judge was less than impressed when Stephen made a quip about her age while chatting to the panel after the results of the first semi-final.


But Amanda didn’t just launch one glass at the unsuspecting presenter - she was so angry that she ended up drenching him with FOUR full glasses.

Stephen Mulhern gets a drenching

She then began chasing Stephen around the studio, slapping his bum for joking that she would end up looking like plastic surgery enthusiast Jocelyn Wildenstein as she gets older.

Amanda even flicked the Vs live on air as producers quickly cut to a break, as Stephen’s microphone had stopped working, thanks to his drenching.

Amanda flicked the Vs at Stephen

Monday’s semi-final saw Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy and dance troupe Entity Allstars become the first acts to make it through to Sunday’s grand finale.

One of Entity Allstars dancers also suffered a nasty mishap on stage when he fell flat on his back while trying to pull off a backflip during their ‘Harry Potter’ routine.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ airs all this week at 7.30pm on ITV.

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