'Do Dinosaurs Have Boobs?' The Greatest Questions Children Have Ever Asked

Children really do say the best things, but if you think your child's comments top all others, wait until you've read this.

A Reddit thread has revealed some of the funniest, heartwarming and cutest questions children have asked their parents.

After one father, Bucky O'Hare, was asked by his child "Why am I right handed?" he was totally baffled. Why IS he right handed?

"It totally floored me. Holy shit, why am I right handed?! I found myself momentarily stuck thinking about every possibility. The mother was flustered and said 'that's just what you are,' after a few moments of pause," he wrote on the Reddit thread.

But it got him thinking: what is the best question your child has ever asked you?

Go on, tell us. What are the best questions your children have ever asked? Let us know in the comments below...

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