Marauders Map: A Chrome Extension That Turns Facebook Messenger Into A Creepy Stalking Tool

A new Chrome extension has just taken Facebook stalking to another level.

Marauders Map allows users to make use of the location data attached to Messenger and plots a map of where your friends have been sending their messages from.

The extension only works when location sharing is enabled, a default setting on mobile (yes, we scrambled to check that our location settings were switched off too).

When your location sharing is on, Marauders Map pulls longitude and latitude coordinates that are stored in Javascript script, which in turn informs you of where your mates (or the person you're stalking) are.

Obviously it also gives away your exact location too, so we'd advise against replying your Facebook messages while on the 'white throne'.

While the app is clearly meant to be light-hearted it is made with the assumption that you're actually friends with all of your Facebook friends. Also worryingly, the extension also allows you to check locations for messages that were sent as far back as 2013.

Marauders Map was designed by student developer Aran Khanna from Massachusetts. His sell for the extension is scarily honest: "creepily track your friends from FB messages."

If you're wondering how to avoid this monstrosity of a stalking tool, the best way is to hit the little arrow icon in the bottom right hand corner of your Messenger screen. To double check, you'll want to disable location sharing in your settings too.

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