Prince Philip Shows Michael Gove How To Put Something In A Bag

It appears it’s not just the teaching profession which doubts the competence of Michael Gove.

The former Education Sectary was given some advice - and a demonstration - on how to put a piece of paper in a bag today by Prince Philip after the Queen’s Speech.

Mr Gove, appointed Lord Chancellor in the post-election reshuffle, appeared to be taken through the process by the Duke of Edinburgh.

One of Mr Gove’s duties is to present the speech to the Queen, and when she has finished reading it to those gathered in the House of Lords, to put the document back in a ceremonial bag.

The 93-year-old husband of the Queen was clearly not impressed with the way Mr Gove carried out his this important function, and gave him a step-by-step guide afterwards on how to put a speech in a bag.

Prince Philip may well have been offering the advice in the knowledge that on the first day of Mr Gove’s previous job as Chief Whip, the MP managed to lock himself in a toilet.