Someone Has Created A Giant Game Boy And You Can Play Tetris On It

This Giant Game Boy Is Everything We Loved About Our Childhood

The Game Boy might be considered a 'relic' by some, but it is still hands down the best handheld games console in the world.

Launched in the 80s and enjoyed by millions in the 90s, the Game Boy has evolved over time, getting new features, becoming lighter and more portable.

Well this fan decided that the Game Boy didn't need to get smaller, what it needed to do was get bigger. Much bigger.

Ilhan Ünal created his giant Game Boy using software from the RetroPie Project, two Raspberry Pie computers and a whole pile of lovingly crafted MDF.

The results are, as you can see, glorious and while we'd love to say you can get one for yourself we get the feeling that this was a labour of love and nothing more.

Don't panic though as you can still play an entire library of classic NES, Game Boy and N64 games on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS using Nintendo's Virtual Console.


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