This Girl Just Found Out She's Going To Have A Baby Brother... And She's Not Happy

Finding out the sex of your baby is possibly one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy.

But for this family, it was much more important to their daughter.

Poor Ella is crying in her car seat while her parents are driving, having just delivered the news she is going to have a baby brother.

The girl's Godmother uploaded the video to Instagram, with the caption: "And you thought your Tuesday was bad."

In the video, Ella's father begins by asking her why she's crying.

"Because I just have two brothers already!" she says frustrated and very teary.

But her parents don't give up.

"You're going to LOVE your new brother," says her dad.

That doesn't stop Ella crying some more and having a bit of a kicking tantrum in her car seat. So her dad takes a different approach.

"Oh honey, we're going to have three boys and you're going to be the princess."

Lets just say she does NOT want to be the princess. Or the only girl.

We're pretty sure she'll come around when her baby brother is born... we hope...

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