Tampon Tax Scrapped By Canada After Success Of Online Petition

The Canadian government have scrapped the tax on menstrual products after an online petition reached over 74,000 supporters.

Despite being a regular necessity for women, they are currently classed as 'non-essential items'.

Jill Piebiak, who started the petition to the Canadian government three months ago, wrote on the page: "We all know that buying tampons, pads, moon/diva cups, or panty liners is not optional. These products are an essential part of a normal, public life for people with periods."

The tampon tax isn't exclusive to Canada. The UK government also charges tax on sanitary products, prompting a petition calling for George Osborne to "Stop taxing periods. Period."

Laura Coryton, who set up the UK page, writes: "Sanitary products should join the list of essential, tax-exempt products, which include 'helicopters' (and 'aircraft repair and maintenance'), 'alcoholic jellies' and 'exotic meats including crocodile and kangaroo'."

"While we can live without flying our own private helicopters, we cannot live without the public participation of those who menstruate, which is dependent upon the accessibility of sanitary products," she added.

The call for change has gone global, with petitions for Australia, France, Italy and Malaysia also appearing online.

According to Canada's Department of Finance, the changes will be in place for any product made on or after Jul. 1, 2015.