Trans People Answer All Those Questions You Felt Too Awkward To Ask


"Which bathroom do you use? What do you do in bed? Have you had 'the op'?" are just a few of the questions transgender people get asked.

That's why Lee Dalloway, social media producer at BBC Free Speech, decided to get some of the trans community together and film them answering the questions people might have - but are too afraid to ask.

Speaking about the film, which has already had more than 100,000 views on YouTube, Dalloway told HuffPost UK: "I was hoping that it would resonate with people, but it’s travelled around the world and far exceed my expectations.

"Reading the comments and messages from young trans people who say it’s helped them come out, cis people who say they really learned something from it, and kudos from trans activists means the world to me. If it helps just one trans kid struggling with this, to show they’re not alone, then it was worth the long hours in the editing suite."

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